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How to Boost Facebook Group Growth 923%: A Real Life Case Study

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For context, I need to explain the original purpose of the Facebook group I ran this growth experiment on. Elegantly titled Shitposting in Asia Ironically™, or SIAI for short, was a group aimed at expats living in Asia. Its sole purpose was to share memes about the absurd elements of living in Asia. For those out of the loop, Urban Dictionary defines shitpostas a verb meaning “to make utterly worthless and inane posts on an internet message board”. Sometimes I don’t agree with Urban Dictionary, but in this case I do.

As far as content goes, SIAI contained the kind of stuff you’d miss out on as a tourist. My group had less restrictions than the typical regional expat group. People could share more controversial news articles and memes.

SIAI originally started as a means for me to manage UGC (user generated content) for a meme page I started a few years ago, Living in Asia Ironically (LIAI). Facebook hasn’t updated its Page inbox management features in a very long time. If fans send in pictures for me to post, it’s a pain. I’d have to open up a message, click the photo, then click download.

My solution was to create a Facebook Group to handle UGC. Groups can easily be scraped using free solutions, but there aren’t many options for a Page’s Inbox. Thus, SIAI was born.

Members of this group were highly engaged. Many have said that posts from the group dominate their newsfeed. This leads to even more engagement and growth. Before embarking on the 3 day experiment, I started with 8887 group members and ended it with 10,318.My flaw in calculating the 923% growth rate is that I hadn’t taken good notes on average growth beforehand. Facebook doesn’t provide analytics for Groups like it does for Pages so I was out of luck there.

From memory, I recall gaining a bare minimum of 10 in a day and up to 50 when things were really picking up. To be more modest with my growth rate, I took the +50 stat. My true growth rate could very well be much higher than 923%.

What was my strategy for unlocking Facebook Group member growth?

There are 2 sides to this story and both involved quite a bit of teamwork. I couldn’t have done it alone, but I also didn’t have to spend a single dollar. Side A was rebranding the group to appeal to a much larger audience. Side B was using a combination of free tactics to take full advantage of the rebrand. Shitposting in Asia Ironically™ was no more. Say hello to Living in Asia™!

For the record, these aren’t trademarked names. Adding “™” to a shitposting group’s name is a meme in and of itself. Popular examples are Simpsons Shitposting™and Twin Peaks LogPosting™.

Leveraging Super Fans to Help with Rebranding to Living in Asia™

You only need 1,000 true fans to succeed. Kevin Kellyis famous for coming up with this concept. The theory goes like this: You will make much more money off the first 1,000 fans than anything you gain after. Kevin calls th

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