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An open enviroment for learning business. No spam, no low-quality content, and no politics, just people eager to learn and share knowledge

What's Parrity? What's our mission?

Parrity is a free learning platform on a mission to create a place where entrepreneurs making a digital business can learn from other experienced entrepreneurs and experts.

Think about it as an open ecosystem where both sides get to connect and exchange experience in the form of articles, courses, and tutorials through an intuitive interface. Strict content guidelines, no spam, no low-quality content, and no politics, just people eager to learn and share knowledge.

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Where are you now? What's next?

We're just starting out, what you're seeing is an open beta with some cool basic features. You can join the beta and help us grow by being part of our community and with your feedback. You'll be getting early access to everything we do, the early bird rank, our slack channel, and most importantly - be able to help us shape this platform into something more useful to you with your own opinion. 🤗 🚀

Currently we're working on growing the main component of our Parrity - the Library

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How can I contribute? What's it like being an author?

Yes, you can contribute, just send us a sample of your content and if it meets our quality standards you'll get author access. Authors on Parrity get to help a lot of people with their knowledge while we make sure their work is seen by as many as possible.

With the growth of the platform, you'd be able to reach a very engaged audience of startups, entrepreneurs and business people like on no other place. We also have some very unique tools planned that will allow you to generate income from your work and help you build a personal or a community engaged brand.

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Join our beta for a lifetime superuser access & other awesome perks! 🤗 🚀

Join our beta to get lifetime superuser access & learn from the smartest business minds on the planet web 🧠 😎

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