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The Top 4 Coworking Spaces in Chiang Mai for Digital Nomads

Digital Nomad Hotspot: Inside the Top 4 Coworking Spaces in Chiang Mai

Thailand has rapidly become one of the biggest hot-spots for digital nomads in the world, with large communities in Chiang Mai and to a lesser degree, Bangkok. With so many location-independent workers, there’s a long list of worthwhile coworking spaces in Chiang Mai you should check out. Our list goes over the absolute best of the best: quality WiFi, late hours, great location and networking potential.

Spend any amount of time in Chiang Mai and you’ll probably think to yourself, “It must be nice to live here.” True. It’s got a generally laid-back atmosphere, even more so than other cities in Southeast Asia. Couple that with cheap living costs and you’ve got a recipe for success. When it comes time to put your head down to work, you’ll want a quiet environment to focus and the coworking spaces in Chiang Mai provide exactly that. Digital nomads are seemingly everywhere in the hotspots of the city, from SEO experts to authors like Alexa West of The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide. If you can manage getting shit done with a bit more noise, there’s also a seemingly endless amount of cafes to work from in Chiang Mai. The city really has it all for nomads.

Punspace Nimman and Tha Pae Gate

Punspace Nimman is one of the oldest coworking spaces in Chiang Mai and their Tha Phae Gate location soon followed. Affiliated with one of our fav. coworking spaces in Bangkok, HUBBA, Punspace brings that same work hard, play hard vibe. Members are on a mission to put in long hours and reap the benefits. This is the spot I find myself most productive because it seems like everyone else there is laser focused.

As with most decent coworking spaces, monthly membership grants special privileges and discounts. It’s worth noting that meeting rooms are 66% discounted if you have a monthly membership so even if you’re in Chiang Mai for 1 month as a nomad, you might want to calculate what kind of plan works best for you. There’s plenty of casual visitors using day passes and hot seats too, so don’t feel obligated to get a monthly pass!

Phone: 053 223 932

Hours of Operation:Mon-Sat 9AM to 6PM for Visitors, 24/7 for Members

Cost: 289฿ for a Day Pass, Full Rates on Punspace Website

Punspace Nimman Location:14 Sirimangkalajarn Soi 11

Punspace Tha Phae Gate Location:7/2 Rachadamnoen Road, Soi 4

Wake Up Coffee

Located in the belly of the beast, Wake Up Coffee is on Nimmanhaemin Road. While that may sound intimidating, we just mean that it’s at the absolute centre of the digital nomad community. Take a walk around the neighborhood and you’ll run into nomad peers, cafes galore and competing coworking spaces a hop, skip and a jump away from each other

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