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How to do your workshop right – 11 tips & tricks

Workshop at Hyper Island – Img feat. Phil Hesketh, Thomas Anderson, Sydney Johnson, Josephine Hjort, kien, Manish KC, Renzo Vallejo

Cooking the perfect dinner for your friends once doesn’t make you a chef.

Serving the same quality dish night by night requires quality ingredients, skills, creativity, flexibility, practice and knowing your recipe by heart.

The same goes for running and facilitating workshops. Successful workshops aren't barely a matter of luck or your participants’ individual taste. They are the result of carefully planning and crafting an experience, applying tools and techniques and complying with rules and principles.

How many times have you walked out of a workshop and asked yourself: «Why have I just wasted eight hours of my life? What was the point?»

There are techniques, rules and tools you want to embrace and apply. Some might seem obvious and elementary. Nevertheless, people ignore or violate them over and over again. Thus, here are 11 ingredients that you can use.

1. Know your audience

As with any product or service that is meant to serve people a workshop is no different. You are providing an experience to people and everyone wants to get some use out of it. Find out who’s attending your workshop and what these people’s needs and pain points are related to the workshop. They are what you want to address.

2. Have a shared vision and goals

There is nothing worse than wasting your and other people’s time. So don’t. Define and agree on why you meet in the first place. Set a clear vision and measurable goals. Make them transparent or even have attendees collaboratively agree on them. This will help you stay focused and measure success at the end of a workshop.

A team canvas can help you define a vision, goals, values, rules and roles.

Team Canvas - Bring Your Team on the Same Page

Credits: @theteamcanvas

Team canvas at Hinderling Volkart

3. Have a structure and use an agenda

It’s great to know where you want to go but you don’t want to get lost and stuck on the way. You don’t have to plan through every minute of your workshop but set topics or milestones. Providing a str

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