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Ideate, prototype & pitch in no time applying this 3-in-1 method

How do you quickly and collaboratively come up and pitch ideas or potential solutions to a problem?

My former co-worker at Hinderling Volkart (Lukas Karrer) introduced me to a method I have found extremely effective, inclusive and fun to use in client workshops:

NABC: A 3-in-1 approach to ideating, prototyping and pitching.

NABC can also be applied in an educational context or in your in-house design process.

The NABC method

Ideate, prototype and pitch applying the NABC method. As far as I know, it’s been around for some time and originated in Stanford/ SRI. NABC stands for:

N — Need. «N» is the most important factor in the method. An idea without a practical need for it remains just what it is: a good idea and nothing more.

A — Approach. «A» is usually a point of departure for most activities, but with the NABC method, A always comes after N.

B — Benefit. «B» stands for the innovative elements — of an idea (USP: unique selling proposition) — , in other words, that which constitutes its uniqueness.

C — Competition. «C» stands for a study of the competition existing in the area concerned. C is often mistaken for N. C, however, focuses on the reality within which a concept has to function.

How to apply NABC

Before you start

Have your HMW-question(link by ready e.g. «How might we raise awareness for… bla bla bla…». In a group of ideally 3–8 people, conduct a brain-writing exercise (other methods may be applied).

Hand a sheet of paper with your HMW-question to every team member. Each team member gets 30–60 seconds to jot down an idea and then passes the sheet to the next person that builds up on the previous idea. Time-box and iterate until each person has written an idea on every sheet. Within minutes you’ll have a collection of multiple ideas.

Brain Writing Canvas inspired by Download link.

Apply NABC

Get your group to share and talk about your ideas. Evaluate, consolidate your ideas and pursue the best one. If you have multiple teams you may also swap the idea-papers between the teams. Apply NABC:

On a flip chart, formulate t

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