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Hiring a company vs hiring a freelancer


So, if you’ve ever released a product or are about to build one, you may have asked yourself this question a couple of times. Even though I’m currently freelancing, I spent a lot of time in a software development company and can make conclusions on both worlds. Now, there can be both bad companies and bad freelancers. But we won’t talk about those here and will focus on the “good guys”. So we’ll talk about quality software development companies and great freelancers(such as myself 😄).

Choosing between an independent developer and a company can vary depending on your needs and your strategy. Let’s dig in to see what fits you best.

Level of Engagement.

Meaning, that a company or person is more empathetic to your product and is engaged in the business process. For example, I always aim to treat my clients’ products as if they were my own and bring actual value to your business. Most of the tech companies would aim to do the same, but it works in a bit different way at a bigger scale. Not that the company is bad, it’s just that there are a bunch of people between you and your developers (C-level executives, management, etc.). These people are necessary but at the end of the day — your developers just show up, do the work and go home. They didn’t choose your product(although it’s worth noticing, that good companies let their developers choose or switch the project), also if your project will be gone tomorrow — they’ll be assigned new ones. So there’s not a lot of attachment there. But it’s not really a bad thing. People still do a good job. On top of it, it may not always be an important factor for you. After all, you as a business owner, should handle vision/engagement and let the company handle the tech part. But if you’re a startup or a very young business, it can get hard to manage everything yourself. In such a case — it’s important to have a team of true believers ready to help you even if you didn’t know, you need it. The interesting thing is that freelancers choose their clients, so you’ll know that whoever you work with is into your business by choice. And your freelancer would know that his or her earnings are predicated on your success and the amount of value, brought to your business. That builds up to a much better relationship, that you may not always get with a company (although it’s still possible, just these kind of companies are very rare)

Work Quality.

One big factor when you’re going for an individual is that you’ll have to be seriously concerned about the quality of your end product. Sure, your goal is to get the best product, and you can get it with both a freelancer and a company, but your approach to it should be different.

The thing is, when you’re going for a company (I’m sure you’ll choose one with a great reputation), they’ll have their own corporate culture and a well-established hiring process. So you know you get a qualified team, hence the quality end product.

With a freelancer — it’s a bit more tricky. After spending some time freelancing, It feels like the quality bar on this market is a bit low. Some of the clients I got were explaining the business requirements in a lot of detail and try to micromanage everything. It’s like they were going in with a mindset that I will fail to understand what they need. Of course, after a brief time, they realized that I’m good and let m

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