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The Sales Page Formula

Start by asking yourself this question: What do my potential clients need to believe in order to purchase?

Ultimately, we want them to decide that: Purchasing X [YOUR product or service] is the BEST way to achieve Y [Desired Outcome].

Aristotle, in his work ‘Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasion’ suggests three components must be present for effective persuasion: Pathos – emotion, Ethos – credibility, and Logos – logical reasoning.

Combining all three of these elements in your messaging is essential in creating a compelling sales page. Your goal should be to create a sales page that meets the following criteria:

Stirs emotion (Pathos) – I feel like yours is the right path forward for me.  Demonstrates credibility (Ethos) – I feel like you understand me and I think you are best-positioned and/or qualified to help (emotional connection and credibility factors). Delivers a compelling logical argument (Logos). I think this is going to work for me.

Aristotle teaches that above all, you must make your audience feel with you . This is critical since the decision to buy is made first with our emotions, with how we feel, we then justify the way we feel with rational argument. 

Remember this as you craft your messaging and sales page copy. The primary purpose of your sales page is to stir emotions.

There is no hard and fast rule about the perfect order of sections, you don’t even need to include all of the sections, but you MUST satisfy the pathos, ethos, logos requirements outlined above.

Treat each of the sections as the building blocks for crafting beautiful and compelling sales pages for your business.

Here are some sales page examples:

The Building Blocks of Your Sales Page

Top Bar Hero Section Video with Caption Show You Understand - The Problem Imagine the Feeling... Ethos and Credibility Here's How it Works - The Solution Here's What You Will Get - The Deliverables Risk Reversal Bonuses Price Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ Urgency and Scarcity Social Proof Multiple Calls To Action (CTAs)

Top Bar

The Top Bar is used to display either your brand or product logo , and to utilise urgency (e.g. countdown timer) and scarcity (e.g. hurry only 10 slots left) and a CTA (Call To Action).

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