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Growth Hacking the Instagram Algorithm: Every Update is an Opportunity

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At the very least. As a point of comparison, Google’s ranking algorithm contains over 200 factors. Each of these factors could contain 50 or more variations. This means Google’s algorithm could depend on 10,000 factors, or more.. It’s a running mystery whether or not Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm is on par with Google’s, as far as complexity is concerned.. The big question with the algorithmic feed that Instagram introduced in the summer of 2016 is this:

How does the Instagram algorithm compare to these 2 giants in complexity?

Fortunately for Instagram marketers, it is much, much simpler for two primary reasons:

1. Types of Content:Instagram has 2 types of content you can share — photos and videos. On Facebook, you can share text statuses and links. You can also add stickers and feelings to all 4 types of content. On Google? Essentially infinite.

2. Types of Engagement:Instagram has 4 ways to engage with content — liking, commenting, sharing via Direct Message (Direct Share) and saving. What type of engagement is missing from Instagram that’s found everywhere else? Shares. You can only share to friends via DM, but not to your profile.

You need 3rd party tools like Laterto share others’ content to your profile. On Facebook, you can share to your profile, Pages, Groups, friend’s profiles or in private messages. Facebook also redesigned their Like button in 2016. They added 5 new Reactionsto give emotional context behind the standard like.

There are so many layers to engagement on Facebook that it can be overwhelming to tackle.

Instagram is sleek and simple in comparison.

Instagram is a Growth Hacker’s Paradise

Instagram is our favorite social network right now because it evolves so quickly. New features are rolled out faster than any other platform. More importantly, Instagram’s algorithm gets major updates often. With a performance-driven mentality and an established growth process, every algorithm update is an opportunity.

While marketers who aren’t as quick on their feet panic at their decreasing engagement, growth hackers brainstorm new tactics. If even just one of these new tactics is successful, they’re ahead of the curve. We’d love to lay down the law and explain in great deta

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