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Meme Marketing: Facebook Growth Lessons from An Absurd World

Some call it an art, others call it absolute garbage. My views fall somewhere between the two, but there’s one conclusion we can draw from memes. Memes have incredible power in reaching the masses. And in the marketing world, that’s as good as gold.

For the past 2 years, I’ve run a Facebook page called Living in Asia Ironically. What started as a fun hobby turned into an absolute beast. My posts reach the feeds of 1+ million people daily. Organically. It’s drawn enough attention that companies reach out to me to make memes for their business. Ridiculous as it sounds, it’s an incredibly effective approach to growing your following. It’s cost-efficient and brings obscene results to the table. Reach, engagement, page likes. Meme marketing brings everything you could possibly ask for to the table.

In this article, I’ll be going over some of the things I’ve learned after entering the realm of weird Facebook. If you’ve got the knack for it, I highly recommend running a meme page or 2 of your own. With less limitations of what you can post, it’s a great testing ground for honing your Facebook skill. I wouldn’t be nearly as good at organic Facebook growth without my experience in memes. Yes, I realize how absurd that sounds.

Meme magic is real.

Create an environment for user generated content.

For many brands, this just won’t make much sense but if it does, sink some time into it. The most common form of user generated content (UGC) comes from running giveaway contests. You’ve likely seen companies run contests where you have to use a hashtag on a photo to enter. Check-ins are quite common too. The contest ends, you pick a winner and feature them. The content ends there. How do you keep the ball rolling?

Occasionally featuring fan content builds loyalty. Not only do those who get featured love it, but it sends a message to the rest of your fans. They have a shot at being showcased if you notice them. It’s becoming a trend on Instagram, especially in the travel niche. If you use their brand’s hashtag, your photos can get regrammed. For smaller accounts, this can be a huge boost to their credibility and follower growth.

When my meme page first started taking off, I was getting dozens of messages daily with fan submitted content. Dozens turned to hundreds and I just couldn’t keep up. Facebook’s inbox system is outdated as fuck and hard to manage at this scale. It takes 3–4 clicks to download a photo sent to you. What a pain. The solution was to start a Facebook groupspecifically for UGC. From here, I can browse the Photos tab and download photos individually or run a script to scrape the group as a whole.

Empower your super fans.

You only need 1000 true fansto succeed. It’s been repeated over and over because it’s absolutely true. Meme marketing is no different.

For those running online communities, I highly suggest promoting your super fans to moderators. This is becoming common practice during ICO campaigns using Slack communiti

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