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How to Use Facebook Analytics to Gain Followers

It’s a huge misconception that data-driven work is cold and heartless. Truth is that the application of data is downright creative at its core. In this article, I’ll go over the basics of using Facebook analytics for growth. I’ll also cover some of my favorite underrated ways to use data to gain Facebook fans.

Facebook Analytics 101: Overview, Scheduling & Notifications

The Overviewis the default page when you access Facebook Analytics. It’s a great way to view your results at a glance. There’s a couple things to note here that are a bit misleading. First, the Page Likes total here is your total likes gained, not net likes. For a more accurate look at page like growth, go to the Likes tab. Second, look at the date range on the default 7-day view. It should show the last 7 days, not including today’s results. I’ve confused myself in the past over this in the past and I imagine many others have as well.

Post Scheduling
is the most obvious application of Facebook Analytics in practice. Head over to the Posts tab and you’ll get an hourly breakdown of when your fans are online. The highest points of the graph are when you want to schedule your posts so they can be seen by the most people. I take it a step further and schedule posts slightly before peak. This is so that a post has a bit of time to gain traction before reaching peak hours. I can’t speak for all audiences, but it’s worked for mine and my client’s over the years. The next thing to consider when scheduling Facebook posts is your demographic data. Under the People tab, you can see where exactly your fans are from. In my case, I have a split between American and Asian fans so I’ll actually post content that caters to each demographic during peaks.

The Notificationstab of a Facebook Page often gets vastly ignored for a few reasons. There’s no sorting options, making it hard to navigate. When your page reaches any reasonable amount of engagement, it’s just too much to actively monitor. I typically turn off notifications and emails for Facebook Pages immediately. However, there’s real value in this menu and I make it a habit to check daily.

Actually, we’re more concerned with the Activitysection than Notifications. Reviews, Mentions and Shares are incredibly important for young brands on Facebook. Reviews need to be handled delicately and the sooner the better. Reward your positive reviewers with discounts and exclusive content. See what makes the mind of negative reviewers tick. Reach out to them and see if there’s anything you can do to improve their experience with your brand.

Mentions and Shares are great because you can see what other pages are interacting with you. Unfortunately, there’s no way to sort between regular Facebook users and Facebook Pages in this menu. It’s been on my Facebook features wish list for years, so don’t expect that to change anytime soon. The simple solution is to hire a virtual assistant and pay them to fill up a spreadsheet of all brands that mention your page or share your content.

From here, it’s time to start the cold outreach game to build relationships. Share for share is a great way to introduce your content to new audiences. Keep it simple, there’s no need to oversell on your first message. Here’s a template that I’ve used in the past:

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