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What Does Your Brand Stand For?

Take a look at the diagram below and tell me what shapes you see.


If I say to you this: I am a square. I do square related things, and then show you triangles, can you see how this might be confusing?

What shape are you? What shape is your brand?

Brand Positioning Statement Worksheet

I am not talking about services here; this is not about what you do. We are much further down the rabbit hole.

brand values

Branding is about figuring out the pillars on which your brand stands. Or what you stand for if you are a personal brand.

Your brand values and beliefs.

Take my brand as an example.

I was born as a square. All life’s holes are circles. Go figure.

My teachers called me a ‘maverick’.

I didn’t go to university. Instead, I went to work at 16. Studied for my two degrees part-time while raising a family in a full-time job. Talk about doing things the hard way.

In the early years of my childhood, my parents had nothing. My Dad worked long hours on the market stalls of Liverpool to put food on the table.

I struggled. We struggle. I learned. We learn. We adapt.

I used that adaptive mentality to grow an eComm business with nothing. No backing, no silver spoon. From zero to £4million per year. Bootstrapped.

By the seat of my pants, which were on loan from the bank.

When we liquidated it in 2013, I almost lost everything. I had gone from a millionaire (on paper) to nearly bankrupt.

We struggle, succeed, fail, learn. And then repeat. Sound familiar?

When I was told our local high school was closing down I rallied support from the local community. Every child deserves a great education regardless of background. Despite fierce opposition from the local council and even my own MP, I helped to establish an award-winning high school in its place.

That to me doesn’t confirm that I am a maverick, just that I like to achieve stuff against the odds. Black belt in Ju-Jitsu, reasonably competent guitarist. You get the picture…

These “stories” make me who I am. They feed into the brand of Colin Scotland.

My brand is about innovation, creativity, and doing things differently against the odds. It is unashamedly me, good, bad, and ugly.

I am a square. My brand says it is a square. Well, it’s a signature technically but you see where I am going with this right? Say one thing and do that same thing in your marketing.

What I am all about as a person gives a reason for being to my brand.  There is a story that gives potential clients a reason

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