We Launched Parrity on Product Hunt, Here Are The Results – Product Update #6

Launching on Product Hunt was exciting and fruitful, here’s our story and the results we got.

First thing’s first, what’s Parrity?

Parrity is a peer-to-peer learning platform that allows you to learn from the most successful business people and brands on the planet.

With it, you can tap into the mind of the most successful marketers, designers, salespeople, product makers on the planet and learn in different formats like tutorials, courses, and videos, all in the same place without spending hours looking for stuff around the internet that a copywriter probably wrote.

So, we launched Parrity on #Product Hunt on January the 20th, Monday with about a week of preparation spent in writing the texts and making image captions that showcase the core features of the app. We also sent a few emails to our existing user and author base a couple of days before the launch which was pretty small, but I believe helped a lot.

Our submission got more than 200+ votes while our website saw around 500 to 800 DAU in the following weekdays. More than 300 people from all over the world joined our open beta ( 4689 spots left ) and our Telegram community.

All of that was pretty cool and although these numbers might not seem that impressive to some people, we see this as a concrete testament to the product we’ve built and it’s usefulness, and in particular, all the positive comments we got that had us thinking — Hey we built something cool!

Big thanks to those guys and everyone else that gave us their vote! 🚀

So you might ask, what do you plan to do next?

This year we do intend to bring in the fully-featured community we promised along with lots of new content both from our side and from those authors that everyone wants to learn from. (Get in touch with us if you have cool content!)

We are working on our own Youtube channel and podcast that’s a crossbreed between philosophy and business thinking? 🤔 where we’d like to share our own experience that we got through the years of making products.

I hope you find this as interesting and ambitious as we do, we are set on building the largest and the most community-centric learning platform ever built!

Thanks for reading,

Lubo & the Parrity team

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