Rolling Forward – Parrity Product Update #1

Hey there, 

This is Lubo from Parity with a quick product update.

You may not know but we’re a pretty small team and it’s almost impossible to find time to send an update.

Fortunately, that’s about to change 😎

In the last few months, we’ve been working really hard to get this product out on the market and make some of it’s parts fully scalable and we’re now pretty close to having a nicely-ish looking fully functional version with some pretty basic features like author publishingauthor profiles and a bunch of other cool stuff. 

  • We’ve re-designed the home page in order to showcase the coolest articles and allow people to find the latest by category. Although still buggy ( we’re fixing it! ) You can check it out. 
  • We’ve partnered with SalesHacker and Beamery and added their tutorials to the platform. These two companies write amazing things on Sales and How To Hire people. Read their shit and follow them. 
  • We’ve added a distraction-free editor and the ability for authors to publish on their own ( duh, this seems like common sense but was actually difficult )
  • We’ve also migrated to a Vue.js frontend framework which loads content in your browser without a page refresh. ( Click for meme )

I’m probably missing a lot of it but the point is we’re now able to move to a more marketing-focused product development which means that you’ll hear more from us on social media and possibly other outlets as we’re going to try to involve more and more people in an effort to grow. 

Future plans include starting our own Youtube channel, re-adding the community module and many other cool things.

Don’t forget to join our Slack channel where you can talk to me and other people from the community and on the team.

As always thanks for your support and stay tuned for more! 🙏 

– Lubo ( aka the maker )